Protecting an Elderly Loved One

Are You Relocating For A Promotion? 3 Strategies For Managing Your Family Caregiving Duties From A Long-Distance

by Margie Adams

Over the years, you've grown accustomed to helping your aging loved one manage their daily routine at their home. Now, a recent opportunity to advance your career has left you with mixed feelings about moving away. While you wish that you could take your loved one with you, it is clear that they prefer to avoid moving to a new state. As you plan this next big step in life, use these strategies to make sure that your loved one continues to enjoy a high quality of life even though you live further away.

Talk About Their Options

After your loved one handles the initial surprise from hearing about your move, you will be ready to discuss their future. If you have been handling the bulk of their daily household needs, then it may be time to explore options for senior care such as assisted living plans where your loved one can benefit from being in a community that is designed to fit the needs of older adults. As you talk about their options, remember to highlight the positive features of each one that they might not have thought of before. For instance, living in a senior community provides your loved one with social opportunities that helps fill in the gaps now that you are living in a different place.

Determine Your New Responsibilities

Now that your loved one has assistance with their daily needs, you can still stay involved by shifting your responsibilities. For instance, you could help your loved one manage their finances, or you can check in with their caregivers to address changes in your loved one's health. Talk to your loved one about areas of their care that they would still like you to oversee so that they benefit from your continued involvement.

Maintain Communication

Your move to a new state and your loved one's move to a new senior-friendly residence both mark a tremendous change in your lives. Make sure to work through the transition together by talking to your loved one regularly through their preferred method of communication. From writing letters to enjoying a video chat, you can keep your loved one close to your heart as you both embark upon new lifestyles together.

Life can certainly throw you a few surprises, and you might not have expected to make so many huge decisions at once. However, taking the time to make sure that your loved one is surrounded by the right types of support allows you to transition into your new role as a long-distance caregiver with confidence that they will thrive in their new senior home.

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