Protecting an Elderly Loved One

Medical Help For The Elderly: How Can A Medicaid Specialist Assist An Aging Individual?

by Margie Adams

Do you have an elderly loved one who is struggling to afford the cost of healthcare? If your loved one lives on a fixed income, it may not be possible for him or her to spend hundreds of dollars on co-pays after receiving treatment. Your loved one may be spending a lot of his or her fixed income on doctor's visits, prescription medication, and long-term care. If you're concerned because this person is now struggling and needs long-term care, speaking to a Medicaid specialist is a great way to get help for your loved one.

Why Is Medicaid Good For the Elderly?

Medicaid is a program meant to help people afford the cost of medical care. Although Medicare is typically offered to elderly individuals, Medicaid is something they can look into if they're in need of long-term care. For example, your aging loved one may have been diagnosed with a debilitating illness. It could be difficult for this person to do things on his or her own let alone get to appointments to see a physician for medical advice and treatment. If your loved one gets Medicaid coverage, he or she wouldn't have to worry about footing the bill for the cost of the long-term care, which means less stress for everyone involved.

What Does a Medicaid Specialist Do?

A Medicaid specialist is someone who works in the industry and can advocate for your loved one to ensure he or she is getting the help that is needed. The specialist can start the process by determining if your loved one is eligible for the service based on his or her diagnosis and current income.

Most elderly individuals who need long-term care are retired or are no longer able to work because of their disabilities. As a result, they're often eligible for the service. Upon determining if he or she is eligible, the next steps involved would include completing an application on behalf of the individual and providing any proof that is needed before Medicaid is provided. If your loved one has any trouble at all during this period, the Medicaid specialist could answer questions and provide support, making sure to assist him or her as much as possible.

The cost of medical care in the United States continues to rise, making it that much more difficult for aging individuals to afford the cost of their care. Although Medicare is one option for the elderly, Medicaid may come in handy if your aging loved one needs long-term care due to a disability or serious condition. Even if it seems like a complicated process, there are Medicaid specialists who can help with the entire process to ensure your loved one gets the necessary help.

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