Protecting an Elderly Loved One

3 Reasons Why An Assisted Living Facility Is A Great Fit For Your Loved One

by Margie Adams

If you have a loved one that can't quite care for themselves completely, but can still do a lot of things on their own, then you may want to discuss with them the possibility of living in an assisted living facility. This type of facility is often a great fit for many elderly people who still enjoy their independence, but need to be able to get help at different times during the day. Here are three reasons why an assisted living facility is a great fit for your loved one. 

They Have Their Own Space 

While your loved one is transferring out of their own home and into an assisted living facility, they will still have their own space. They will have their own small apartment within the facility that will include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen area, and perhaps even a small living area. This allows them to still have the level of privacy that they desire and they are also free to decorate this area with a lot of their items from home. This can go a long way in personalizing the space and making it more comfortable for your loved one. 

They Are Still Allowed To Do A Lot On Their Own 

Anything that your loved one can safely do on their own, they will still be allowed to do. For example, if your loved one can shower, take care of their own hygiene, and cook their own meals, then they can continue to do this, if they so desire. However, if they are unable to give themselves their medications, then they have the comfort of knowing that a nurse will be there for them whenever they are needed. This gives them best of both worlds and gives their family and friends peace of mind.

They Have A Community Of Friends

Your loved on will also find a community of friends at the assisted facility that are in the same season of life as they are and are going through a lot of the same things. This can help them to know they aren't alone, and it can make living in the assisted living facility more fun for them. 

An assisted living facility may be an excellent fit for your loved one because they will have their own space within the facility, they are still allowed to do a lot on their own, and they will find a community of friends within the facility.