Protecting an Elderly Loved One

Maintain Your Independence by Residing in Assisted Living Facilities

by Margie Adams

People grow older. It's a process that everyone undergoes. Some people manage to retain their ability to care for themselves. Others need lifestyle living facilities that guarantee their unmet needs will be taken care of. Assisted elderly living facilities fulfill their needs when family members cannot fully assume the responsibility of caring for their elderly relatives.

Limitations You May Face

You could find out as you age that you can no longer shop or cook. Sometimes you may not have the strength to go for a walk or perform other activities of daily living. You may be faltering in taking your medications. You're not keeping up with your bank account and paying bills, and you don't want to lean too much on family members to help with your unmet needs. Assisted living facilities can meet all your needs when living by yourself in your home proves to be quite challenging.

Maintaining Your Independence

If your desire is to retain your independent lifestyle but you need some assistance with your activities of daily living, an assisted living community can meet those needs while you maintain your independence. You'll receive assistance in having your meals prepared. You will be given aid to get dressed. You'll get help to ensure that you're taking your medications. Bathing assistance is offered as well as transportation on-site or off-site. Housekeeping and laundry care are offered at assisted living facilities. You can also arrange for other housekeeping needs such as vacuuming and dishwashing. Specialty services such as hairdressing, memory therapy, physical therapy, and the scheduling of your personal appointments may cost you a moderate extra fee.

Visiting Facilities

The best thing to do when you have an interest in living at an assisted living facility is to actually make a list and visit the communities that interest you. Also make a list of what amenities you desire. As you visit facilities, note which community has the amenities that are most important to you. You can inquire about joining walking groups or even Bible study groups. The facilities are loaded with fun things you can participate in on a daily basis. You can even go on trips to certain places. There are things for everyone to do in these facilities.

Cost Fees

Cost is important, so ask pertinent questions about that during your visits. Bear in mind that assisted living costs are much lower than nursing home fees. You may qualify for Medicaid to pay for your assisted living fees. A social worker is your go-to professional when you need Medicaid help to pay for assisted living fees. Veteran's benefits could cover assisted living costs too. Or you can choose to pay out-of-pocket to cover all your fees.