Protecting an Elderly Loved One

In-Home ABA Services To Maximize Independence And Reduce Unwanted Behaviors

by Margie Adams

ABA therapy services are designed to treat problematic behavior in order to help the individual be more independent. Unwanted behaviors can be almost anything that takes away from the quality of life of an individual or makes living at home more difficult. Many older adults start to feel isolated or depressed when living at home alone. ABA therapy services can help determine the reasons behind the depression and work to change negative thought patterns into more productive ones. It's an approach to therapy with a sharp focus. One or two problems are identified, and the therapist will work with the individual to develop a plan to try and improve the problems. 

In-Home ABA Services Make Treatment Easier

It can be difficult for a person with limited mobility to get out to therapy in a clinic. In-home ABA services make it easier to receive treatment on a consistent basis. The therapist will come to the home and provide treatment, making it easy for the individual to get therapy. ABA services are methodical, and therapy is most beneficial when it is done on a regular basis. Missing appointments can cause the person receiving treatment to have a setback, making therapy take longer in order to be effective.

Promoting Independence Through ABA Therapy

Negative thought patterns can make it difficult to maintain independence. Persistent thoughts of being unable to do a certain task or feelings of worthlessness can make it hard for a person to feel motivated to take care of their own needs. An ABA therapist will discuss thought patterns and look for ways to change negative thought patterns into more productive ones. When a person who is always saying tasks are impossible begins to think that they can handle certain tasks, they will succeed in task completion.

Changing Identified Unwanted Behaviors

Changing unwanted behaviors doesn't have to be complicated. If a person is always going to bed instead of tackling a hard task, the therapist can work with the person to not give up so easily. With a reward system in place, the individual can receive an incentive for working on the task and not falling back on their old habit. The treatment plan will be specific as to what behavior change is desired and how this will be attempted.

ABA therapy services make it possible to look at problems one step at a time. Through an assessment of behavior and breaking down the problem, an ABA therapist will focus on changing specific behaviors to improve quality of life.