Protecting an Elderly Loved One

4 Key Steps To Take When Preparing Your Loved One For Assisted Living

by Margie Adams

As your parents grow old, lose their sense of independence, and develop memory-related issues, it is natural to look after them and take care of them. You are likely to have peace of mind when you know your loved one is in safe and caring hands. That is why most people opt for assisted living, thanks to the host of benefits the arrangement offers to seniors. When preparing your parent for the new chapter in their golden age, these key steps can help make the transition smooth.

1. Have an Honest Discussion as a Family

Moving your parents to an assisted living facility is a great decision. It needs frequent and honest communication with other family members and your parents. Therefore, you should strive to make your parents understand that assisted living is the most effective option for them and your family members.

Consider involving a professional counselor to resolve disagreements and ensure your parents appreciate the new living arrangement. The goal is to get everyone, including your senior parent, to support the idea of assisted living.

2. Let Your Parents Learn How Assisted Living Helps

If your parent is reluctant to move to assisted living, it is best to understand that it is not always easy to accept change. Make the switch easier for them by assessing your loved one's needs. Help your parent realize that they need more attention and care to maintain personal hygiene or keep up with medication. These services are best offered in assisted living facilities. You could consider taking them to an assisted living facility to help them familiarize themselves with the facility even before you seal the deal.

3. Find the Best Living Arrangement

Start looking for suitable options and set a realistic budget for your loved one's assisted living arrangement. Ensure that you have a list of needs that the living facility should address.

If you plan to handle all their medical bills and living expenses, let the administration at the assisted living facility know.

4. Prepare for the Move

As soon as you find a suitable facility your parent loves, consider moving them there right away. Consolidate your parent's belongings by selling or donating the items they may not need at the assisted living facility. However, you should seek their consent before you dispose of or donate their belongings.

Collect all legal documents such as tax returns and store them safely to avoid misplacing them during the move. Write off all pending debts or bills and transfer the mortgage arrears if you want to keep the house. Then, ensure your aging parent is settled and comfortable in the assisted living facility.

Be compassionate when making this huge decision for your parents. Make the transition more straightforward by using the tips highlighted in this piece. Your loved ones will certainly enjoy a comfortable and independent life at the assisted living facility of their choice.