Protecting an Elderly Loved One

The Benefits Of Consulting With A Senior Living Placement Advisor

by Margie Adams

When you reach a point where you no longer can live safely at home, it may be time for you to think about moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Your health might merit around-the-clock attention that your friends and loved ones simply cannot provide for you.

However, you might also be unsure about what facilities exist in your area or what ones have openings for seniors with your range of health issues. You can find a place to move into when you consult with a professional local senior living placement advisor.


One of the biggest factors involved with your moving to assisted living or a nursing home is the cost of this type of housing. You might live on an extremely limited income and have no extra money to put toward your living costs. 

When you consult with a senior living placement advisor, you can find out what the prices are for the various senior living communities in your area. You can bypass those that are out of your budget and instead consider those that fit what you can afford to spend on housing each month with your income. You avoid moving into a place you cannot afford and might have to move out of again quickly because of its pricing.

Medical Attention

You also need to find a place that can accommodate your health issues. You might need someone on hand 24/7 to assist you with tasks like changing out catheters or applying bandages to a chronic wound. You may be unable to handle them on your own.

The senior living placement advisor can recommend facilities that offer the level of medical care you need. You can move into a place where you can get the 24/7 medical attention needed to live comfortably and safely.


Finally, you do not want to languish in boredom and loneliness when you move into assisted living or a nursing home. You want to take part in fun activities that will keep you busy and let you make friends. Your senior living placement advisor can recommend places that offer planned activities and are known for keeping residents entertained and occupied throughout the year.

A senior living placement advisor can help you find an assisted living facility or nursing home to which to relocate. You can move into a place you can afford and offers the 24/7 medical care and recreation you may need and prefer.